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The hosts simply set the table and chairs, provided  the cutlery and we brought our own hibachi grill and experienced chef. It started with a side salad with hibachi veggies,  fried rice and 2 protein choices.   The show will last 1-1.5 hours

  • more sake more happy.
  • more drink more party.
  • more sake more baby.

  The base price for our service is $50 per   person and $25 for children, with a minimum   spend of $500.  All expenses are included    except gratuity.  A suggested tip is 20% to 25%of    the total bill

Panda home

Panda to your backyard


our service

We offer a wide range of  high quality of  affordable catering services.


party commemoration

Let us bring the hibachi  experience to you and help make memories that will last forever!


service provided

 We only in home hibachi service host your party in home

Birthday party at home

Host your party with your friends or your family

Birthday party

**You come to the birthday party today,  you must remember your own birthday, but don’t forget,  your birthday is also the day of suffering for your mother,  giving birth to you, and your mother has to endure great pain, so do you  remember your parents’ birthdays? ?**

  • more sake more happy.
  • more drink more party.

Private Parties

Thank you panda home for bringing me a happy party. This is a private party. You can hold your own private party in the backyard of your own home. You can invite your friends and family to join your party. The chef is very good.

  • panda home.
  • panda home.

friend party


Hibcpanda comes to your backyard to host your party, you can enjoy it to the fullest, the summer sun, a different Hibachi chef, there are performances, dancing, and sake, leaving you with eternal memories.

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Food Order: (2 Proteins per person) Example: (Party of 10 Adults and 5 Children) - Adults: 10 Chicken, 5 Steak, 5 Shrimp. Kids: 5 chickens and 5 steaks

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A suggested tip for chefs is 20% to 25%. Travel fees are charged in some areas

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What they're saying about us

This was my favorite experience of my life, great food, funny chef, great service... I could talk about the good things about this hibcpanda all day long. Highly recommended if you are throwing a party. By the way, if you place an order here, Matt is by far the best hibachi chef. He was so friendly, did a fantastic job with the food, was a lot of fun, all in all a definite 5 star

Saul Goodman2

We love hibachi so we decided to give this site a try. The chef waiter was a pleasure, the chef was great and the hibachi was really good.

Saul Goodman3

I chose hibcpanda for the second time. The chef is different. It is not as interesting as the previous chef. The previous chef was very interesting and danced

Saul Goodman4

It was the best food I have ever tried, the chef was so much fun, the party was great and lots of sake. so so good

Saul Goodman1


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